GIANT CG scale for big planes

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After more than one year of developing ,for Portachiavi 3D is pleasure to present… The new very BIG scale of weight and CG meter for heavy and big planes. Thinking on F3A, big scale GPS triangle gliders, and planes with minium wing chord of 300mm and weights between 3.5Kg to… 30Kg!!!

Regulable arms from 170mm wide to more than 300mm
Two LCD or OLED screens for easy adjust, and plastic and aluminium frame, he have our bi-material technology, and lot of new improvements.

You can see more technical details after scroll down


Colour / Color *

Colour for scale

Wider size of fuse / Ancho del fuselaje *

You can adapt the scale to our fuse, but if you sent our wider fuse size, i can sent to you ready for use.
El ancho del fuselaje es adaptativo, pero si nos dices el ancho de tu fuselaje, podemos enviartelo listo para usar.

Type of scren / tipo de pantalla *

You can buy with our typical LCD or OLED small and beauty screen, placed on specific support.

Type of sandwich construction for arms / Tipo de construcción sandwitch, para los brazos

You can select between our acrylic, aluminium or dibond arms frame support.
Puedes elegir la composición del sandwich de construcción de los brazos de soporte.


Las primeras entregas se realizarán a finales de Marzo de 2019

First deliveries end of March.




If you need help or info to make the order please sent email to info@portachiavi.es



Min Max
Wing chord 300mm
Peso 3.5Kg 35Kg
 Wider Fuse 170mm 340mm
Tall of fuse from under wings to land 200mm
CG location 50mm 230mm




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